Kitchen remodeling has long been at the forefront of many homeowners’ wish lists. Unfortunately, according to many attorneys across the nation, it’s also, in fact, a leading cause of consumer complaints to contractors. Friends are probably the best place to begin your search for an appropriate contractor, mainly if they’ve completed similar projects in the past. A great contractor will have happy customers with glowing reviews, so it’s essential to take their recommendations seriously.

Kitchen Remodeling

When considering Kitchen Remodeling, there are various factors that you should take into account. One of the most important things to focus on is your flooring. Today’s kitchens are often characterized by a floor surface that’s prone to splintering and leaking. Therefore, it’s essential to plan your new flooring around your kitchen’s drainage system. Whether you’re replacing existing flooring or planning a completely new design, your new flooring needs to be waterproof. Your chosen contractor should be able to assist you in making this critical decision.

Another major thing to focus on when preparing to redo your kitchen is your kitchen appliances. The appliances you purchase need to be able to work efficiently in your new kitchen. For instance, a homeowner who installs a gas range in her new kitchen may not be able to operate her current stove to the fullest if she were to move that appliance into the new kitchen. As such, it’s absolutely essential that your general contractor can show you a complete list of all your appliances, their estimated operating lives, and their compatibility with your new kitchen. In particular, you’ll want to examine your gas appliances, stoves, ovens, and refrigerators to ensure that they will all work well with your planned new layout.

Kitchen cabinets are perhaps the most crucial aspect of your new kitchen design. In fact, it’s suggested that you choose your cabinets early in the process to save yourself time and expense as you renovate your kitchen. As you’ll recall from your high school art teacher, drawing a kitchen cabinet design is not as difficult as you may have thought. With today’s computer technology, the designs of your cabinets can be drawn on paper and then “drawn” using AutoCAD software. This eliminates the need to take your drawing to a hardware store and having to buy new cabinets from them. Instead you can simply follow the AutoCAD drawing, add any custom elements, and then print it out for approval.

Another key aspect of a great kitchen remodel is the framing work. Framing refers to attaching the appliances and cabinets to the walls. Whether you’re using traditional framing (the kind that your parents used) or you opt for the more modern frameless kitchen cabinets, the goal of your framing work should be to create a uniform look throughout your kitchen. Many homeowners do an excellent job of this, but if they leave the framing out or do a poor job, it will be noticeable and leave your kitchen with an unprofessional appearance.

If you’re going to use new appliances in your remodeling project, be sure to get your electrical and plumbing done by a certified and licensed contractor who has experience with the appliances you plan to use. New appliances are always more expensive than using appliances, so it’s important that your remodeling contractor can explain the difference in cost and provide references that will help you decide which appliance is best for your home. Also, before you purchase any new appliances for your new kitchen, be sure to ask your contractor if you need to make any structural changes to your home to accommodate the appliances you plan to use.

When it comes to the lighting in your new kitchen, good time-management is crucial. If you make a mistake when putting in your HVAC system or any other element of your HVAC system, your contractor may suggest that you consider hiring them to handle this part of your remodel. If you decide to hire a pro, make sure that they have plenty of experience handling what you need done. Make sure that the person you choose has good credentials and references. A good contractor will be willing to take the time to explain their work to you and explain all of the elements of the process so that you understand what is involved.

One aspect of remodeling that many homeowners neglect to think about is the plumbing and electrical system in their kitchen. Plumbing and electrical work tend to be quite expensive, but if it is done properly you can greatly increase the value of your home. If you plan on using tiles in your kitchen flooring or walls, be sure that you get your general contractor to inspect and quote you for proper fit, size, and quality of the tiles that you purchase. By following these simple tips you can save yourself a lot of money and time when tackling your kitchen remodeling project.